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SLiteChat (pronounced "slight-chat") is a completely open source text-only IM/chat client for use with Second Life. Use it to talk to your friends without having to load up all of those heavy graphic goodies. Useful for those at-work times!

Slitechat End of Life

Slitechat will be end-of-lifed on July 1st. This means the site will be taken down, and the Facebook page terminated.

We would like to offer to any software engineer with C++ capability to take the project over. Contact Made to Order Software at "". The source code is currently hosted at SourceForge:

If we can get someone to work on the project, make maintenance releases and add features, then we will keep the project around. But until then, we would prefer to take it offline since we are not making regular security ...


I can't thank you enough
for SLiteChat - it's really
incredibly useful.
— Roger W.

SLiteChat (pronounced "slight-chat") is a text-only view for Second Life which is focused on in-world IM support.

What it is:

SLiteChat is a lightweight client which allows you to connect to the Second Life system and perform local chat and instant messaging with avatars in-world.

What it is not:

SLiteChat is not intended to be a fully-functional in-world viewer for Second Life. If you are looking for that, check out instead the Second Life Third Party Viewer ...

Download SLiteChat

Binary Distributions

Current Version (1.6.3)

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