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I can't thank you enough
for SLiteChat - it's really
incredibly useful.
— Roger W.

SLiteChat (pronounced "slight-chat") is a text-only view for Second Life which is focused on in-world IM support.

What it is:

SLiteChat is a lightweight client which allows you to connect to the Second Life system and perform local chat and instant messaging with avatars in-world.

What it is not:

SLiteChat is not intended to be a fully-functional in-world viewer for Second Life. If you are looking for that, check out instead the Second Life Third Party Viewer Directory or the Second Life wiki.


Why another text-only client? Well, for one, this is something I've been wanting to do since I first got into Second Life. One of the issues was not having to invoke the fat client (viewer) with all the wiz-bang OpenGL stuff just to make a simple IM to my friends in-world. Secondly, I love open source software, and this is my way of giving back. Thirdly, I want to understand the SL codebase and this was a great way to accomplish that!


I based the UI architecture around a new C++ library I created called LLChatLib. This library provides a façade class which wraps and hides LL libraries used to create the main open source viewer. The libraries I extracted are:

  • llcommon
  • llinventory
  • llmath
  • llmessage
  • llvfs
  • llxml

with a few class files taken from the main viewer code (newview). The idea is you have only one easy to use interface which allows you to connect to the in-world chat/IM facility. The UI itself is a light wrapper around LLChatLib. It contains a listview window of friends, a local chat window and tabs for any IM conversations you create. SLiteChat runs under Microsoft Windows XP+, GNU/Linux and Macintosh OS/X.

Release Schedule

Currently in beta, I am working to roll out a feature and a bug fix at a time. No real set schedule, but I want to get the most functionality in as soon as possible. I believe in the open source model--release early, release often. Please proceed to the Documentation Page for details on how to install and run SLiteChat!


This software is not provided or supported by Linden Lab, the makers of Second Life. We do not store your user information including your login and password on our servers.


As always, I would love feedback on this project. I really want to improve this and make it as useful as possible. Oh and I myself use this thing. If you are on Second Life and want to chat with me in-world, look up Dooglio Mode, or just drop me an email.

And remember: It runs on Linux!!!!

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